Sgt.Buggs Part Two

Hi Justyn,

Here’s the information I found:

Social Security Death Index Record
about Albert Buggs
Name: Albert Buggs
SSN: 257-48-7848
Born: 27 Dec 1922
Died: 13 Aug 1990
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951 )

One aspect of the Albert Buggs we have both found is that his Social Security number was issued in Georgia. Georgia was definitely one of the states where members of the 40th battalion hailed from, so this only adds to our convictions that this is the right guy.

The Enlistment record I sent originally has some inconsistencies with the Albert Buggs we have. According to the Enlistment records, Albert Buggs hailed from Louisiana, and registered in Arkansas.1930cenusbuggs

The Albert Buggs on the SSN, definitely came from Georgia. In fact, I’ve attached a census record of him in the 1930s when he was 7 years old. Of course, he could have moved to Arkansas by the time he joined the Army in 1942, but it doesn’t explain why he would have told them that he was originally from Arkansas instead.
I have located lots of other Buggs living in Arkansas, having hailed from Louisiana, which only supports the evidence of the Enlistment record, but I haven’t found anything which accurately correlates to two Buggs that we are currently dealing with…

I’ll let you know if I find anything new..