First and only connection

Hi Erik,
We connected. Just a short reply to acknowledge you message. Please don’t be formal, call me john or as
my grandkid’s and their friends do pepe. Your first paragraph. “You are the first surviving veteran etc.” I may
be the only one left. I’m 93 years old. Not many old geezers use a computer or E-mail. African-Americans also
don’t live that long. I transferred into “A” Co. of the 40th on the 30th of Sept. 1943. I transferred into Hqtr’s Co.,
which your father commanded on 13th Jan. 1945. I was transferred out of the 40th, 24th of june 1945. As I
recall your father was a Captain and was the commandant of Hqtr’s all that time. I will go through my records
and should I find information I will forward it to you. Also I will keep in touch. Believe me. IT WAS GREAT